My Perfect vSphere 6.0 Home Lab

February 27, 2016

Back in 2014, when I actually started making a decent paycheck, I decided it was time to build out a good, yet low powered lab at my house. Since running two Dell T610s was the opposite of economic for my home electric bill, I set my sights on the following, taking a note from Ryan Birk over at VirtualInsanity



Now, we aren't going to be breaking any sound barriers with this kind of configuration nor setting new performance records, but it gets me by in a pinch, and doesn't hammer my ear drums all day with server-grade exhaust fans.





From there, it was just a matter of installing everything. Ryan has a great write up on how to get ESXi 6.0 to behave on this unsupported hardware, so I would highly recommend reviewing his article mentioned above. 


At the time of writing most of these articles, here is all of the software used in my lab:


  • vCenter Server Appliance 6.0U1 (Build 3339084)

  • Platform Services Controller 6.0U1 (Build 3339084)

  • vCenter Update Manager 6.0U1 (Build 3005497)

  • ESXi 6.0U1 (Build 3247720)

  • vRealize Operation Manager 6.2.1a (Build )

  • vRealize Log Insight 3.0 (Build 3021606)

  • NSX for vSphere 6.2.1 (Build )



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